For an entire generation of Sabres fans, Ryan Miller was an idol. He was someone that kids in Buffalo and Western New York looked up to. Kids wanted to be the goalie in ice or street hockey, because of watching Ryan Miller with the Buffalo Sabres.

In case you haven't heard, Miller announced his retirement less than 10 days ago and on Saturday, he played his final NHL game with the Anaheim Ducks against the Minnesota Wild.

After the game was over and Miller was congratulated by teammates and fans alike, he shared a very intimate and heartwarming moment with his parents. It's very hard to not watch it and not get emotional yourself.

Believe it or not, Miller was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres back in 1999. After finishing with the Michigan State Spartans, he moved on to be the goaltender for the Rochester Amerks and eventually played his first NHL game during the 2002-2003 season for Buffalo.

Miller eventually won the full-time starter role in 2005-2006 and that's when his professional career took off. He led the Sabres to back-to-back Eastern Conference Final appearances and spent nearly 15 years in the Sabres organization before he was traded to the St. Louis Blues in 2014. Miller also played for the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks.

He retires as the all-time winningest American-born goaltender in NHL history and is 14th on the all-time wins list for all goaltenders in NHL history.

Ryan Miller is one of my top five favourite Buffalo athletes of all time, and it's a sad day that he is leaving the game on the ice. All of Buffalo still loves him and I know he will always hold a special place in Sabres fans hearts.

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