Incredibly sad day for The Buffalo Zoo and its visitors.

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According to WIVB, the beloved giraffe named Sampson died following complications from a medical procedure.

Sampson would have turned six years old this month but was put under anesthesia recently so doctors could perform a dental procedure.

“Our expert animal care and veterinary teams worked day and night and did everything in their power to save Sampson,” The Buffalo Zoo wrote on Facebook. “Our teams face these types of tough choices and decisions every day.”

Animals can sometimes develop problems from anesthesia.

Sampson does have a mother and father, so also are at The Buffalo Zoo.

I know from going to the zoo many times that regular visitors create a bond between them and the animals they see there often, sometimes for many years, and it's so sad that a giraffe only six years old died.

Sampson will be missed.

You can find the story at WIVB.

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