The Buffalo Zoo

Monkeying Around
It's pretty amazing what GoPro cameras can do.  They've been attached to bikes and ATVs, strapped to the backs of whales and skydivers.  Now, someone at USA Today decided it would be a good idea to let some monkeys play with them for awhile at The Buffalo Zoo.
What would the internet be without a bunch of animal pictures?  I mean, we all need a break from the political posts right?  The National Zoo tweeted out a picture of a new seal pup they have, and who knew the internet would be so competitive?
We Have A Name!
Yay! We have a name! The Buffalo Zoo announced Sunday that their new baby ocelot's name was Nico! The name was debuted after the public took part in the naming by vote!
Nico was born in November and can now be seen by the public when they visit The Buffalo Zoo...
It's A Boy!
The Buffalo Zoo is asking the community for some help in naming the new baby gorilla. This cute little guy became a part of the Buffalo community on January 10th when his parents Koga and Sydney gave birth to what we now know is a baby boy...