Picture this:  You take a nice vacation to San Francisco and you book a tour on one of those double-decker busses that take you around to all the sites.  Then as you drive through Chinatown, the tour guide starts dropping f-bombs like crazy about how much she hates it there.

According to Right This Minute, that was the case for this German tourist who took the last tour that this woman ever guided.

**WARNING - video could be NSFW**


"On behalf of City Sightseeing San Francisco, I deeply apologize to the residents of Chinatown and San Francisco, for the conduct of a former employee.

Comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support Chinatown, and every other community in San Francisco. Due to this unfortunate incident, we have added additional training processes to ensure that each tour is up to our rigorous standard." -- Christian Watts, CEO of City Sightseeing San Francisco


This was my reaction:


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