Seventeen-year-old aspiring country singer Sarah Restuccio auditioned for 'American Idol' by singing Carrie Underwood's hit single 'Mama's Song,' and despite some uncertainty among the judges, she won her way to Hollywood.

The young native of Hammonton, NJ (the blueberry capitol of the world) works on a blueberry farm, and she, her uncle and aunt and grandparents all live nearby. She said she has always had a heart for country music, and she offered a spirited version of Underwood's song.

When she finished, Randy Jackson said he would like to hear another song, whereupon Restuccio launched into a right-on-the-money rendition of the Nicki Minaj rap hit 'Super Bass.' Though she's undeniably multi-talented, her versatility touched off a debate among the judges.

"I feel like you could be a humongous country star," Minaj said.

Mariah Carey agreed, adding, "I think you have a beautiful voice . . . I really see the complete package."

But Keith Urban was hesitant. "When you sang the first song I didn't quite feel it from you," he said. "Then you sang Nicki's song ... I'm not sure who you are yet."

Minaj defended Restuccio's choice of material, arguing that her appeal lies in the fact that men will like her because she's attractive, while females will admire her gutsy approach. And in the end her talent won everyone over; all four judges voted her through to Hollywood Week.

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