You love to see it…you really do!

It is still Auditions Week for American Idol, and every singer wants to stand out, right? That’s why song choice and delivery are so important when it comes to auditioning for American Idol. 

One singer that really stood out for both song choice and his enthusiastic performance was Jon Lindsley. Lindsley performed his audition song with his brother on the guitar, and it is a song that the Bills Mafia will know very well. 

The Shout Song, of course. 

While Lindsley is a saw mill operator from Waco, Texas, it seems unlikely that he is part of the Buffalo Bills fanbase, but we still love to see when people get into the Shout Song. 

Watch Jon Lindsley’s energetic performance from American Idol Auditions Week 2.

I love how he starts dancing around while singing. He even gets Katy Perry up and dancing! 

I am surprised that Lindsley can sing like that, all while dancing around as he does. It is an amazing performance!

Honestly, with that energy, I would love to see him at a Buffalo Bills tailgate. 

We will be watching this season of American Idol to see if Lindsley’s charisma takes him all the way to the finish line. He is going to Hollywood, and he apparently sang an original song after this performance that won all the judges over. 

Every once in a while, you will see some contestants from Buffalo that audition for American Idol or The Voice. Most recently, Matt Wilson competed on Season 21 of American Idol. He made it to the Top 20 and he’s been a familiar face in the Western New York area, performing at the Taste of Country, the P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative Gala, and more – all while continuing to release original songs. You can see more about Matt Wilson here.  

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