Scotty McCreery sang a Travis Tritt song last night on ‘American Idol’. “Can I Trust You with My Heart” was released the year Scotty was born, 1993. The crowd goes wild for Scotty every week on Idol and I’m guessing he will be safe from elimination once again tonight. I almost missed the show completely, I was flipping channels thinking to myself that there is nothing on and at about 8:40 I remembered ‘Idol’. I’m glad I did too because I think the talent this year is above what we have seen on the show the last 2-3 years. I really like Jennifer Lopez as a judge. Each week she does her best to give the contestants constructive critiques without totally blasting them. Steven Tyler on the other hand is sort of useless on the live shows. He did a much better job during the audition shows. I wish he would step up and really give the contestants something to go on. Over all I like the changes this year and plan to follow until the end. If I had to pick a favorite I’d say Casey for now but I could change my mind. Who is your favorite?

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