As the summer days roll on, there are more and more heat warnings posted across the United States. As many as one third of Americans are under some sort of heat warning or advisory. The heat brings about a new round of worries this summer as people are reporting burns related to their seat belts.

If you have kids, you know how tough it can be to get them in their car seat when they have a heavy winter coat or clothing on. They wiggle and you have to reset the size of the straps to get them comfortable. But the summer poses a new challenge as you have to make sure the car seat is not blazing hot when you put them in.

As the heat wave continues, some are warning that kids and adults can be burned if the buckles are left in the sun.

So what happens if the sun is beating down on the car? At least one website has some advice. According to

Tuck the metal seat belt ends into the seats or seat backs, so they’re hidden from sunlight.
Remove your car seat when not using it. Keep it inside your home.
Cover the car seat with a towel or blanket when not in use.
Before strapping your child in, check the temperature against your skin.

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