Everybody offers squares for the big game, but not everyone offers you the chance to go to 3 shows with the Mega Ticket at Darien Lake this Summer!

The concept is simple--we'll give away squares randomly, and at the end of each quarter of the big game whoever's square matches up with the team scores wins! For a more detailed description of how it works, click here.

The winners of quarters 1-3 will win a pair of concert tickets to a single show at Darien Lake this Summer. Whoever has the final score will win:

  • 2 lawn Mega Tickets that include the shows with Luke Bryan, Chris Young and Rascal Flatts at Darien Lake

Is your name on the big board for the big game this Sunday (2/2)? REMINDER--Kansas City's score is on the horizontal line and San Francisco's is on the vertical line. 

~Click for full screen~


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