There were a couple of hiccups on Wednesday, March 8th for the spring Acoustic show but in the end it all worked out.  All of the artists and players had a difficult time flying in to Buffalo due to the high winds during the day.  Hearing their stories about how scary their landings were made me very nervous and thankful they did land safely.

All but one, Dustin Lynch was on a separate flight from NYC coming off some press stops for his new single and his plane was diverted to Syracuse due the unsafe weather conditions.  The poor guy was actually delayed from exiting the plane because the possibility of attempting a landing in Buffalo was still a possibility.  Once he was able to leave the plane he had to wait for his luggage which was also delayed.  We quickly sent a car to pick him up and he was able to get to Buffalo a couple minutes prior to our show start time.  Dustin is a true professional and was  gracious enough to power through a severe cold and all the travel issues and go on to do perform along side High Valley and Tucker Beathard.

Each and every time we do the acoustic guitar pull shows I'm amazed at the level of talent of artists in the country music industry.  They never disappoint me!  Check out photos from the show at UB.


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