Good news for Shania Twain, bad news for her stalker.  Shania got her day in court yesterday and was able to testify against the doctor who is accused of stalking her.  Dr. Giovanni Palumbo was arrested last spring at Canada’s Juno Awards.  Palumbo faces charges of criminal harassment, violating court orders and breaching bail condition. His trial is expected to last three days.

During Shania’s testimony, the stalker actually blurted out that she didn’t have to worry because he was going to plead guilty.  He addressed her as Eilleen, which of course is Shania’s real name.  This guy is a true wacko and how scary to think that he is a surgeon too.  Over the last several years Shania has claimed that he written several letters that made her uncomfortable, he has shown up at her home, made uncomfortable gestures to her in public.  Wow I hope for her sake he will do time and stay away from her after all this.  It’s a scary world especially when you’re public figure like Shania.  Hopefully this nightmare is ending for her.

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