After heading to the spa over the past several months, Shark Girl returned to her spot in Canalside and is ready for all the summer photo-ops this year.

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But as of yesterday, it looks like she will have some competition for the next Instagram photo-op.

Paula's  Donuts is set to open up a new location in Larkinville and it seems they are looking to attract people to the new place with more than just their donuts.

They posted on their Twitter page, a new mascot for their new location, "Donut Girl"

"Donut Girl" will proudly stand in front of the new Paula's Donuts in Larkinville Square and will be there for Western New Yorkers and out of towners to snap a photo with.

"Donut Girl" is a statue of a pink donut that will welcome visitors to the new location on the corner of Seneca and Smith Street.

But this doesn't have to be a rivalry between Shark Girl and Donut Girl. The two photo-ops are 1.7 miles apart from each other or about a 5-minute car ride. They could work together to draw in lots of people between Canal Side and Larkenville and each grows their own set of fans.

There is no set date for the opening of the new Paula's in Larkinville.


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