WYRK’s Taste Of Country BBQ is coming up on Saturday at the Fairgrounds in Hamburg.  It’s an all-day  feast of mouth-watering smoked meat -- pulled pork, brisket, ribs and more. Along with the food, Clay Walker will perform at 5:30 p.m.  WYRK staffers will be snapping pictures all day at the BBQ -- but not just any old pictures. We want to see your “BBQ faces!” 

Yep, that means we want big smiles decorated with barbecue sauce. Just go for it -- dig in that day, then show us that goopy moment right after you crush a half-rack of ribs.

Now, we know that many people don’t like to be photographed, let alone photographed with a messy face, but if you put aside your pride for a photo, you just may win a cool BBQ grill set (pictured below). We'll compile all the pictures we get, then have you guys vote on them. Best messy face wins!!!!!

So when we see you at the Taste Of Country BBQ this weekend, don’t be afraid to give a big, saucy smile to out digital team!

Barbecue set

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