Cocktail fans are going to love this new event that's going on to help raise awareness to a very important cause in New York State.

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Are you the kind of person that loves to end your night or your week with a cocktail?  Do you love when a bartender can surprise you with a signature drink that you've never tasted before?  If so, this event could be right up your alley and it could help save someone's life.

This Event Is To Raise Awareness And Funds For Organ Donation.

Did you know that there are currently over 8,000 people who are waiting in line for a life-saving organ donation?  That list is growing every 2 1/2 hours.  Every 15 hours someone dies while waiting for an organ that does not arrive in time.  Since 2017, roughly 3,000 NYS residents have died waiting for organs that were not available. And thousands more became too ill to be considered viable candidates for transplant.

New Yorkers Are Among The Last In The Nation In Number of Registered Organ Donors

According to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, New York State currently has the second lowest number of registered organ donors in the country.  Only 26 percent of New Yorkers are registered organ donors.  The national average is 50 percent.

How Can You Help?

You can take part in Cocktails For A Cause.  April is Donate Life Month and ONE8FIFTY has decided to take this month to not only help raise awareness of the need for registered organ donors but also to raise some funds with a great event.  It's called Cocktails For A Cause and it's an opportunity to help the cause and try some delicious cocktails along the way.

What is ONE8FIFTY?

ONE8FIFTY got its name from the statistic that says ONE person can provide 8 lifesaving organs and greatly impact over FIFTY others through tissue donation.  They do everything they can to possibly increase organ donor registrations so no one else has to endure a long wait.

When is Cocktails For A Cause?

Cocktails For A Cause will take place throughout the entire month of April.  Last year they were able to contribute to a 200% increase in donor registrations through their website.

Who Will Be Participating In Cocktails For A Cause?

Here are the Western New York restaurants and bars that will be participating and the drinks that they will have available for purchase:

Frankie Primo's & SoHo - SIGNATURE DRINK DOUBLE R CROWN ROYAL MANHATTAN (100% of the proceeds of this drink will be donated)

“Two years ago I lost a dear friend to demons. It was two years ago this week. When we worked together and enjoyed a shot, it was usually crown royal. While he fought those demons while alive, in a moment of clarity, he had the forethought to go online and sign up to be an organ donor. Immediately after he passed, at least one of his organs saved a life. I’d like to up the anti and donate it all in the name of Rob Ryan. Not just $1. Full boat.” - James Manno Frankie Primos



“The Glen Park Tavern fully supports the mission of One8Fifty. We believe that we can help One8Fifty in their mission to educate the public on the importance and need for organ and tissue donations, as well as how to opt in as a donor, by bringing awareness to our community with these fun Cocktails for a Cause. We will be donating one dollar from each sale of these cocktails during the month of April to support One8Fifty’s goal.” - Ellie Grenauer Glen Park Tavern



“The reason I wanted The Irishman to be a part of this event was not only to remind our community of how just important organ and tissue donation are, but also give them an avenue to learn more about how to become a donor.” - Maria MacPeek General Manager



"It is our pleasure to support registration for organ and tissue donation in New York. Come on out and support a great cause.” - - KC Mullett CEO, N|eat



"My reason for participating is very personal. My sister Wendy has fought kidney disease 30+ years. She had one failed kidney transplant in the 90’s and was part of a successful kidney swap in 2013. I am blessed to have her still with us and it is gift to watch her enjoy life with a healthy kidney.” - Lisa Riniola The Garage Bar & Restaurant



“The Ridge West Seneca is supporting this great cause in honor of Jeff Sgroi & Matthew Robare.” - Jon Robare The Ridge


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