Get ready for some heavy rain that is headed to the Western New York area before the end of the week.

We just can't seem to get it all together in the weather department. Last week and to start this week, we have had freezing and record setting temperatures. The snow also was flying on Mother's Day! It's a good news, bad news situation that we are headed in to this week and weekend.

There is some warmer weather that will be bringing in some rain. Lots and lots of rain. In fact, some of the forecasts are calling for as much as 1 to 2 inches of rain to fall over the area Thursday though Saturday morning. It all begins after Wednesday night.

We have all been staying inside as best we can. Playing in the basement or around the house with the boys gets a little crowded sometimes and we can't wait to lay outback in the sunshine. Looks like we may have to wait for a few days for that to happen.

Make sure the drains around your house are ready ad it may be a good time to look at the date and the condition of that sump pump. The rain will be heavy at times and with the way the ground has been saturated this spring, it may be the ripe for some flooding in your area or basement.

We are staying patient and positive. But it sure would be nice for Mother Nature to get things together and allow us to have some consistently good and dry weather!

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