There are expensive houses and then there are crazy expensive houses. Not just houses, but mansions.

Sadly, we don't have too many here in Western New York. We do have some gorgeous homes and a few mansions that take your breath away, but compared to other regions, we don't have properties that go past $2 million.

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But there's an amazing, huge mansion that will cost you much more than $2 million and it's less than an hour's drive from the City of Buffalo.

Listed on Zillow for $6.3 million in Canadian dollars (about $4.8 million in American dollars), this huge mansion is located in St. Catherine's, Ontario; off the coast of Lake Ontario.

The mansion was built in the year 2000 and features nearly 9,000 square feet in total space with six bedrooms and five bathrooms. It's easily one of the biggest homes within an hour from the City of Buffalo.

There are four levels to this home and it's so nice you almost think you're in some big-time Hollywood movie when you explore these photos.

The kitchen looks like something you would see Gordon Ramsey working in or even some celebrity on The Food Network.

There's even a mahogany library with 16-inch ceilings.

The problem is you'll need about $5 million in American dollars to purchase it. Until then, check out some amazing photos, courtesy of Zillow.

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