How did I forgot about this sport?! The Olympics are almost over and it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I came across this tweet.

It reminded me of the last winter Olympics when I stumbled across this on a Buzzfeed article.


This was once a legit Olympic sport with commentators that knew what they were talking about and everything. Even the though the sport looks laughable it is probably really hard. Trying to a 180 turn while not moving on skies is super hard and doing those moves while traveling down a bunny hill....nope.

Can you imagine if these made a comeback in 2022? Which kind of athletes would be competing? Can you see the freestyle skiers leaving the jumps for the acrobatics? I think it would be awesome!

Do you remember the sport that was featured in the '88 and '92 Olympics?

Who wouldn't want to watch this sport??

I'm not saying it's not hard! I would fall on my butt and brake my ankle in every way possible! do you not chuckle at this?

I wold totally buy a ticket to watch this. I'm highly entertained...this stuff does not look easy!

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