It has not been a very fun past three days across New York.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has made its way down to the United States since late Monday, and no other state has been hit harder by the smoke than New York.

From Buffalo to New York City, the smoke has been dense enough to block out all of the sunshine, that was forecasted through Wednesday. The smoke was so dense in New York City and Syracuse that it actually reduces visibility by less than a mile and created an orange tint to the sky.

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Thursday's forecast is just as bad, if not worse in some areas. Buffalo and Western New York will see the worst of the smoke cover in the afternoon.

The reason that New York has been hit so hard with the wildfire smoke is wind direction. The massive low pressure that has not moved since early in the week has allowed that smoke to filter right down to New York state.

The good news is that wind direction will start to change on Friday.

Patrick Hammer of WGRZ Weather says that the winds will start to come from the west and kick that smoke out to the west and the north Atlantic ocean, which is normally the case, but the bad timing of the low pressure wind direction has caused horrible air quality conditions for New York residents.

Friday's air quality will be improved but not totally gone. On Saturday and Sunday, that wind completely changes direction and the air quality will be vastly improved. Saturday is the day we should see a huge difference.

Just have to get through the next 24 hours or so.

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