It’s a Buffalo tradition unlike any other. Every single year, during the winter, we tell ourselves, “we just have to wait until March.”

Then March comes, and other than a couple token 50–60 degree days, it’s just like February. April is always the month to look forward to for warmer weather staying, and even then it’s mid-to-late April.

This weekend will see mixed precipitation across Western New York, with chances for accumulating snow, but next week will see more threat of snow.

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The 10-day forecast for The Weather Channel is calling for a high of 40 degrees with 1-3 inches of snow expected for Buffalo next Wednesday, which is the second-to-last day of March.

A cold front will whip through Western New York, which will bring colder temperatures in the Midwest  and Northeast this weekend and into next week. Highs will be anywhere from 30-45 degrees between Friday and next Thursday.

There’s a wind advisory for Western New York until early Thursday morning, as gusts could reach 50 mph.

This next week of weather will be much different than a week ago when we thought we were in the clear for good weather across the region. Mother Nature had different plans.

Probably best to leave those snow scrappers and winter boots nearby for at least the next two weeks. We’re not quite done with the cold stuff yet.

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