The snow has stopped flying in the heaviest hit areas of New York State. At least for now. The 81 inches of lake effect snow that some areas got is still being moved out of roads and driveways and parking lots in and around Buffalo and areas near Syracuse. But the snow will be back and there are some who can't wait.

Each year, those who manage the snowmobile trails are faced with a few big tasks. Snowmobile clubs maintain the trails and the relationship between the club and the landowners. Without private landowners, the trails are not possible. But there is one county in New York that has more registered sleds than any other and they are patiently waiting.

According to the New York State Parks website, Erie County New York has the largest amount of registered sleds with an incredible number of nearly 7,000 sleds!


The sled registration fees are supposed to be used for trail maintenance in New York State, law enforcement and snowmobile safety education. While we wait for the official start of the snowmobile season, it may be a good idea to register that sled and get your insurance up to date. Hopefully there will be more snow once we get past hunting season and the gates open on the trails.

Please be safe this season. The reports indicate that the amount of snowmobile accidents were down a tad last year in New York State.

At the time of this publication, there were 111 accidents reported and 19 fatalities during the 2021-2022 season, compared to
171 accidents and 15 fatalities during the 2020-2021 season.

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