The weather is cold and there's real no end in sight for those who live in colder climates, such as the State of New York.

We probably have at least another six to seven weeks of cold temperatures, before the warming trend builds into forecasts.

The month of April is always a month that people look forward to, because that is the month that you see the weather turn for the better. March is a little more hit or miss. April in 2023 will also be the one-year mark until we have one of the most spectacular events one can see.

A total solar eclipse.

Technically, a total solar eclipse takes place on earth once every 18 months, but at different points of the world. The last time a major one was in the United States was back in 2017. That changes in 2024, as another major solar eclipse will cross over states on April 8th, 2024.

The best place to see this eclipse will be Western New York, Central New York and regions of northern New York.

What makes this even more rare is looking at it this way; while a total eclipse on earth takes place once every 18 months, only once every 375 years is the mean frequency for a total solar eclipse at any given location on earth, according to  Jean Meeus of Belgium.

It depends on exact city for the exact number between total solar eclipses.

For example, Montreal, Quebec will be part of this 2024 total solar eclipse and that would be 91 years between events. While Toronto, Ontario will go roughly 1,000 years between totality with a solar eclipse!

New York City's next total solar eclipse will be 154 years apart, with the next being in the year 2079.

If you live in Buffalo or Rochester, this will be the last chance in a long time to see the totality of a solar eclipse.

It should go without saying, but for safety purposes never look directly at the sun, including during a total solar eclipse. You should use protective eyeware.

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