What!? Leave it to a WNY brewery to knock it out of the park with a craft beer! You take two things that people love most, Girl Scout Cookies and Beer, and you make something amazing! Southern Tier Brewing Company has released a beer inspired by the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie called "Thick Mint". Southern Tier announced the release on their Facebook page back in February,

"Introducing Thick Mint, our tribute to THAT legendary Girl Scout cookie. This 10% ABV dessert stout brewed with chocolate & mint is the newest in our world-class rated Blackwater Series."

According to Beer Street Journal, Thick Mint is brewed with cocoa nibs and mint giving it that cookie flavor and according to their report it tastes like you're drinking a cookie! On the label Southern Tier suggests Thick Mint as an after dinner drink that could be paired with vanilla ice cream or some short bread cookies.

The news of this beer has started to make the rounds nationally even getting noticed by the well respected culinary magazine "Food & Wine". This shouldn't be a surprise seeing how their "Blackwater Series" has made headlines before with beers like Salted Carmel, Creme Brûlée and a season favorite in WNY, Warlock.

Want to get your hands on this sweet treat? Check out where you can purchase Thick Mint HERE.

Don't forget that Southern Tier is always part of Buffalo On Tap, WNY's premiere beer festival that features 150+ craft beers, 75+ breweries and all of WNY breweries giving you the chance to try unique beers like Southern Tier's Thick Mint. Keep tabs on all upcoming news about the event on their Facebook page.

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