southern tier

Beer Tasting w/ CDL
Normally when a beer tries to go on the sweet side it really doesn't taste like what you're expecting it to taste like. That can not be said about Southern Tier's "Thick Mint" beer. This Imperial Stout is the newest member of their Blackwater Series and will fit righ…
Thin Mint Inspired!
What!? Leave it to a WNY brewery to knock it out of the park with a craft beer! You take two things that people love most, Girl Scout Cookies and Beer, and you make something amazing! Southern Tier Brewing Company has released a beer inspired by the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie called "Thick…
Watch For Fake Dog Warden!
Authorities in the southern tier are warning residents that there is a man going around, posing as a dog warden, trying to take your pup.  This fake dog warden reportedly, went to a house in the Town of Pomfret and one in the Town of Portland.  The man would tell homeowners that