The spring and summer months mean more traffic will be on the roads around New York State. As we get ready for the summer travel season, the gas prices are also on the rise. Traditionally, the gas companies claim that we are getting the "summer blend" of gasoline that will also add to the increased prices at the pump.

The forecast is calling for the weather to remain pretty stable and to be dry for the next couple of days. If you are on the roads, be safe and focus. The amount of kids on bikes and motorcycles has also gone up recently and if you are not paying attention, things can turn deadly, quickly.


This is also the time of the year when we look ahead to prom and graduation season. Seniors in high school are feeling both the excitement and pressure of getting ready for graduation and what comes next for them. Last week, New York State ran an annual campaign to make sure that students don't miss out on the big day.

The results are in from the "No Empty Seat" campaign aimed at keeping students safe in cars and on the roads.

From April 24th through the 28th

Violation Number of Tickets
Impaired Driving 518
Distracted Driving 574
Move Over Law 188
Other Violations 27,742
Seatbelt 1,742
Speeding 6,978
Grand Total 37,922

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