The calendar says winter but the weather forecast is calling for a little bit of spring in New York State! Has this been the weirdest winter yet? At least in recent memory is seems.

In the Western New York area, we have dealt with a blizzard, crazy rain and wind and even an earthquake! But it looks like we are going to get some nice weather for the weekend and beyond. The car washes are going to be packed this Super Bowl weekend!

We know how this goes here in New York State. There will no doubt be a large snow storm coming before the real start of spring and there will be some cold days. But for the most part, it sure seems that winter is fading quickly. The snowmobile season was a bust! The trails are soaked with mud and even if we do get some snow, the chances the trails open are minimal at best.

But the good news is, the lakes, Ontario and Erie are not frozen over and that will bring an early spring to us in the Western New York and Central New York region.

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