Inflation is hitting everyone and everything right about now.

The price for a stamp is going up as of Monday. Starting July 10, 2022 the price of a stamp in America is going up by a couple of cents.

Yes, they JUST went up earlier in 2022. Less than a year ago, the price went from 55 cents to 58 cents, but another increase is coming.

Sending a letter will cost you 60 cents per stamp. The price currently is only 58 cents, but if you are having a wedding or birthday party, or any reason to send out a lot of mail--you might want to stock up this week before they go up in price.

There is a little bit of a hack that might help you out, though. Sending a domestic postcard only costs 44 cents as of July 10, 2022 (that is a 4-cent increase from the current price of 40 cents).

If you turned your letters, thank you cards, or invitations into postcards, you save yourself 16 cents per card. Plus, think about it: you don't need to lick all those envelopes either.

It is important to note that "The price hike, which raises the cost of First-Class Mail by 6.5%, is still lower than high inflation rates, the Postal Service said. The cost of all goods is up 8.6% over the past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics", according to NewsNation. The price of stamps might go up AGAIN in the near future, too. Back earlier in the year, Postal Service officials said that if they did not increase the prices, they would run out of money to operate by the year 2024.

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