There are few things that are as comforting as a good cup of coffee or hot cocoa on a cold winter day. The forecast is calling for the weather to change, again. As the rain changes to snow, you may be thinking of heading to your favorite Starbucks to get a coffee?

Here in Western New York, many debate which is their favorite place to go; Starbucks or Tim Horton's? It may depend on convenience or perhaps it is more about seasonal? Starbucks has some exciting news for those who need a change.

Starbucks greets the new year with the launch of its winter menu on Tuesday, January 3, featuring the return of the fan-favorite Pistachio Latte and the new Pistachio Cream Cold Brew. The beloved Red Velvet Loaf returns to the bakery case to round out Starbucks winter menu.

I am often baffled by those who say that they don't drink coffee! Perhaps it is the fact that my day starts just after 3 in the morning or that I am a straight up coffee addict. But I wonder what people do to help wake up and shake off being sleepy. For me, I come alive after that first cup and just smelling a solid cup of coffee get the blood flowing!

Although we have had a brief break from the reality of winter around New York State, it will be back! Starbucks is ready to help get us through it.

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