This is the point of the NFL off-season where fans are enjoying all the moves being made in free agency, along with looking forward to the NFL Draft in April.

It's also the point of the season where fans and analysts start trying to piece together clues that players give on on social media.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is a fun follow, especially on Twitter, so if you are not following him, I highly suggest doing so.

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Diggs speaks about whatever is on his mind, but Bills fans are left wondering what his latest activity means?

Diggs tweeted out a "thinking face" emoji.

It could be in reference to what general manager Brandon Beane said on Friday, that while they would love to get Diggs and extension, it isn't a top priority at the moment.

One Minnesota Vikings fan joked and said that all Vikings fans know what that means, and Diggs clapped back by saying, "mind your business."

Diggs has a base salary of $12.5 million in the final two years of his current contract, with a cap hit of roughly $18 million. A new contract, while not immediately needed for the Bills perspective, would not only pay Diggs more money and his market value, it would also create more cap space.

Giving Diggs and extension should be done sometime this off-season. It makes a lot of sense for both the Bills and Diggs.

Stefon can keep the funny tweets coming too!

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