Stefon Diggs is really good at football.  But what he's even better at is making people guess what his tweets mean.

Here in Western New York, it is Erie County Fair time.  We're talking all the food, the rides, the traditions that we've been used to for ages.  There was a time that the Erie County Fair was known as America's Fair.  It's pretty big.

But according to Stefon Diggs, it's not the best fair there is.

He tweeted this out today:

So here's where the questions begin:

  • Is he bragging about the Minnesota State Fair?
  • Is there a county fair in Minnesota that he really loves?
  • Did he go to the Erie County Fair and just not like it?
  • Did someone do something to Diggs when he went to the Erie County Fair?
  • Has he been to every fair in the world, compared them, and came up with the final decision that this fair he's speaking about in Minnesota is easily the best one there is?
  • People in Minnesota, "Does Stefon Diggs want to come back to play in Minnesota?"
  • Is he even serious?  Has he seen the Moo-ternity Ward though?

As I said earlier, he is the king of cryptic tweets.  People go crazy trying to decipher what it is exactly that he's trying to say.  Do we all over react to every single thing that he tweets?

Personally, I think he's just trying to get a rise out of people.  And he does.

Every. Single. Time.

Now I want to know what fair he's talking about and what's so great there?  Maybe we need to take a road trip!

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