We have known about a contract extension for Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs since yesterday morning, but on Thursday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills made it official.

The Bills signed Diggs to a 4-year contract extension, worth $104 million. $70 million of it guaranteed. The new deal locks Diggs in through the 2027 season.

Its something that has been talked about since early February, and some questions on whether it would get done. The Bills squashed that immediately.

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Diggs talked about the new contract at a press conference on Thursday and had many amazing things to say.

Diggs called his Bills team a family. Says the contract came down to that.

Stefon also said he wanted his next stop to be his last stop, which is Buffalo. He said Buffalo feels like home and he never wants to go anywhere else.

Many people doubted if the trade from the Minnesota Vikings would even work. The doubts on both Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Those doubts were out to rest immediately. No wide receiver in NFL history has caught more passes in the first two years with a team than Diggs has.

Diggs’ little brother Travon Diggs was at the press conference as well. Travon plays cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Diggs and Allen are going to retire in Buffalo. That is music to Bills fans’ ears.

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