There are few feelings better than going out into the backyard under no lights, and looking up into the night sky to stargaze.

I have an app on my phone that shows me each unique constellation, which is a lot of fun.

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If you love looking up into the night sky, then keep your eyes open and perhaps go to bed a bit later late Monday night, because you'll get a chance to see the first supermoon of the season over Western New York.

Supermoons usually happen three or four times a year and always start around this time of year. The first one will take place late Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

The Strawberry Supermoon will be up in the sky on Monday night. It's called the Strawberry Supermoon because it happens during strawberry harvest season.

Supermoons appear bigger and brighter than a normal full moon, which makes them very noticeable, per WIVB.

The Strawberry Supermoon will appear late Monday night, but it won't reach its full illumination until 7:52 am. The cool part about the Strawberry Supermoon is that it's the biggest supermoon of the year and will be very obvious to those who are up to see it.

Supermoons happen when the moon is slightly closer to Earth. That's why they appear bigger and brighter.

I'll definitely be staying up to watch this supermoon, especially considering the weather should cooperate. Partly to mostly clear skies for Buffalo on Monday night and very early Tuesday morning.

Maybe set an alarm for around 3-4 am to take a peek at it...then go back to bed for another three hours before finally getting up for good.

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