Summer officially began this past Tuesday, which means that for the next three months, Buffalonians will be enjoying sunshine on patios and decks.

One of the aspects of this region that often gets overlooked is the plethora of amazing breweries and wineries.

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The Finger Lakes region is one of the top winery regions in the entire United States and if you travel to many other cities across the country, you will not find as many local breweries as we have in Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs.

The cool part about the local beer scene in Western New York is how all of the breweries are in this together; there are no rivalries. The breweries are one big family that love and support one another.

But which breweries offer up the best summertime vibes?

First, you have to see what goes into a summertime vibe for a brewery? You may think to a setting, like an open patio and maybe even water nearby, and while that is an aspect, the kind of beers a brewery serves up also plays into it.

Summer beers are sours, ales, and seltzers. Maybe some fruity vibes but also a crisp and refreshing beer that makes it perfect for a summer day.

Here are the top five summer breweries in Western New York and Buffalo.

Top 5 Summer Breweries in Western New York

The top summertime breweries in Western New York and Buffalo.

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