There is nothing like the rewards of hard work. There are some great benefits beyond the money for teens and young adults who are willing to out in the effort. A good summer job can give you skills that may help you later in life and New York State is trying to make that happen for young people around the Empire State.

According to reports, Governor Hochul has announced over $46 million in funding will be available for a summer jobs program to help disadvantaged youth.

"The Summer Youth Employment program represents a smart, targeted investment in the next generation of our workforce that will pay dividends for New York State," Governor Hochul said. "We are committed to tearing down barriers to entry into the labor market for disadvantaged youth, and the young people who participate in this program will learn valuable skills, the importance of educational achievement, and above all, will be put on a path toward success."

If you, your kids or someone you know is interested in applying for or learning more about what jobs are available, you are asked to visit with or contact your local department of social services.

We are beginning to feel the summer heat around New York State and that means it is a great opportunity for some outdoor jobs for the summer. Hard work pays off in many ways and New York is helping our youth get a start on their future.

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