If you were a betting person, what would you say the odds are here in New York State that you could have a supernatural encounter?

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With legalized mobile sports betting now a thing in New York State, it begs the question, will you soon be able to bet on other things?  Let's face it, betting on the supernatural probably isn't going to be a thing anytime soon, but it sure is fun to speculate about it.

Even though it's not a thing (yet) here in the Empire State, there are bookmakers around the world that will happily accept your wager on the existence of the supernatural.  From UFO's to Ghosts, to supernatural experiences, bookmakers around the world already carry betting lines on their existence.

Credit & research by GreatLakesStakes.com

According to the site GreatLakesStakes.com, which did the legwork by analyzing UFO and ghost sighting reports across the US, New York reportedly experienced over 7,533 sightings.  This sounds like a lot, but when using their formula the folks from GreatLakesStakes.com calculated that Empire State residents estimated odds of experiencing the supernatural are a long shot at best at +255,200.

That's not to say that New York is lacking in terms of spooky places.  When you combine UFO sightings and ghost sightings, here are the 10 places where you are most likely to encounter the supernatural in New York, followed by the total number of sightings in each;

  1. New York City - 867
  2. Rochester- 158
  3. Buffalo - 149
  4. Syracuse - 106
  5. Albany - 93
  6. Staten Island - 77
  7. Binghamton - 67
  8. Utica - 52
  9. Schenectady - 46
  10. Newark Valley - 39

If you are up for a supernatural road trip, Maine should be your #1 destination, with the state coming in as the most likely (+71,900) to spot the supernatural, followed by Vermont (+78,600) and Montana (+82,300).

Credit & research by GreatLakesStakes.com

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