Urban Takes On A Bull
While guest hosting a popular Australian morning television show Keith Urban decided to try his luck on a mechanical bull! did he do?
For A Selfie!!
Ok...I've seen some crazy things in my life.  This may be one of the craziest.  Check this nut out as he gets up close to a tornado in the outback just to take a selfie with it.  Do you think it's real?
Kangaroo Saves 7-Year-Old Boy
From over the weekend comes the incredible story of a 7-year-old boy who spent 24 hours in the Australian outback but survived because of the help of a kangaroo.
The Top 5 Things On Brett Alan’s Bucket List
A lot of people have what they call "Bucket Lists". They're lists of things that people would like to do before they "kick the bucket". Hopefully I've got a lot of time to finish this list, but here are some of the more extensive things that I'd like to do before…

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