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Looking for something to get you out of the house during these grey sloppy days of winter?  Here's one that will get you out and help out an incredible WNY Agency all at the same time.
Bowling Trick Shots
Bowling is incredibly popular here in Buffalo.  Heck, we even have our own bowling hall of fame!  So people young and old should get a kick out of these incredible bowling trick shots.  Who wants to try these with me?
11 Strikes In One Minute – New World Record [VIDEO]
There are records for just about everything in the world.  Longest hair, longest fingernails, longest amount of time to go without sleep, they're all records that are sitting there waiting to be broken.  The latest one has to do with bowling.  It's the most strikes thrown in…
Strike! A List of Buffalo’s Bowling Alleys
Bowling: A pastime that dates back to Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, way before anyone even fathomed swinging at a baseball. And in the frigid desolation of Buffalo winter, bowling seems more logical than putting on a baseball mitt. You can find many bowling alleys in Buffalo, and we've do…

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