Sports Fan Caught Cheating?
Did this Ohio State Fan get caught cheating on Live TV? Sure looks that way. Check out this awkward video of this girl's reaction to realizing she's on TV.
What would you do if you saw a pregnant lady cuddling with a guy at a Lions game and romantically texting another guy when he walked away? Well, one man wasn't about to let her dirty little secret stay a secret anymore.
Cheating Wife
Have you ever been cheated on in your life? Or do you know anyone who's been cheated on?
Craigslist Revenge
I almost rolled over laughing. A woman who was being cheated on by her husband decided to get some revenge by posting a Craigslist ad.
husband gets revenge
Well, this husband got a little unpleasant surprise when his wife, Becky, left a certain website up. When he finds out that she just may be cheating -- or, at least, is about to be -- he gets some great revenge that may be better than saying anything to her at all.