Science of Chocolate
A few summers ago, my family took a trip to Hershey, Penn. to visit the Hershey factory and learn about the candy that my family has always been absolutely crazy about and makes my kids bounce off the walls -- CHOCOLATE!
They Make How Many Hershey Kisses Every Day?
He was born into a family of Mennonite farmers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1857. He left school in the fourth grade to work as an apprentice to a printer for a while but found his calling when he began work as an apprentice to a candymaker.
Can Chocolate Really Lead To Weight Loss?
This sounds too good to be true.  I mean, what will they say next.  Bacon is linked to clearing of the arteries....LOL...OK, Probably not. Getting serious now, ....Chocolate has been linked to lower weight.  A group of smart guys at the University of California found that those who ea…
Dale’s Daily Data: Chocolate
I saw plenty of candy over the Christmas holiday, but it ranks only third behind Halloween and Easter for candy sales.  But candy is big business not only in this counry but around the world.  Americans consume over 3-billion pounds of chocolate each year, almost half of the world's t…

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