Best. Signs. Ever.
Down the street from my house is this church (not mine) with an ironically, inappropriate sign on their front lawn. I couldn't stop laughing, and everyone that was in the car that saw it with me decided to look for crazy church signs.
Lewiston Nun Steals $128,000 From Churches
A nun up in Lewiston must have had no money. In fact she probably had none at all (get it?) haha. A Lewiston nun has been accused of stealing $128,000 from two parishes where she worked and has recently pleaded not guilty to her charges and has since, been in gambling recovery.
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church [GALLERY]
The Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church was founded in 1832, consecrated in 1851, and dedicated in 1894. The church complex is located at 875 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. It consists of a large cruciform-plan with an attached rear chapel...
Deer Invades Church [VIDEO]
Security cameras caught great footage of a deer running rampant through a church.  Watch as all the people grab on to their children, run out of the way, duck for cover etc....  The montage of the different camera shots goes well with the nice music bed the producer chose.  Lol....I c…