Tim Hortons To Test Reusable Cups + Containers
Tim Hortons is getting ready to start testing reusable and returnable cup and food packaging. Back in the beginning of the year, Tim Hortons announced that they were going to plan to give away two million reusable cups as part of helping the environment as part of their 10 year commitment...
4 Things You Hope There Aren’t Any ‘Shortages’ On
It's been a weird year so far.
Shortages on certain items have been both a hassle and a surprise. Who would have thought there would have been more shortages that just TOILET PAPER? Now, we've seen shortages on, what seems like, some of random items: coins, Dr...
Finally, Tim Horton’s Will Give Freebies To Frequent Goers
I've always wondered why they've never done anything like this. I'm assuming because maybe we just all go there SO MUCH they know we are coming back regardless.
Tim Hortons is launching a rewards program where on the 7th visit you can get either a free hot brewed coffee, hot …

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