Country Stars

Buffalo’s Favorite Country Stars Ranked
2020's Buffalo's Favorite Country Star is in the books!
We held a (very scientific) poll in the wake of college basketball being cancelled! The Top 32 most played + favorite country stars in Western New York and put into 4 different brackets, which were very carefully placed in th…
top 10 sexiest country stars
Almost all of the singers on our Sexiest Male Country Stars of 2013 list are as dedicated to their physical fitness as they are to their music. Muscles grow larger, shirts get tighter, jeans begin to fit like a wetsuit. Go ahead and drink these country studs in -- they're not bashful.
10 sexiest Country chicks
The style, the smile, the figure and the personality ... for the women on this 10 Sexiest Female Country Stars of 2013 list, it all comes together. Six of these beauties are new to this year's collection, but all 10 found a new way to inspire the male country fan to pay close attention.
Top 20 Celebs Gone Good List! has released it's annual list of celebrities that have gone above and beyond in 2011.  3 country stars made the list.  As expected, Lady Gaga leads the way for her lobbying for anti-bullying legislation and support of the MAC AIDS fund.  Here is the rest of the li…
Before He Made It Big (& Before Getting Fired): Eric Church
Sometimes we forget that just because country stars are famous they still used to live the 9 to 5 life just like you and I. They had to make money some how while struggling to make it big. Even Eric Church had a real job before drinking beers and playing music for a living. Well, before he…