Stolen Identity of 8-Year-Old From Buffalo, NY Who Died
This is the kind of stuff you see on Forensic Files.
Joseph Newton Chandler III, was an 8-year-old from Buffalo, NY who died while playing in traffic in 1945.
Now, Cleveland Police are still trying to figure out who this guy is.
The unidentified man stole Chandler's identity in September 1978 in Rapid …
New Laws You Need To Know in 2018
What will come out of your check this year? What do you need to know to not break the law? Here are some updates in 2018 that you should know coming from New York State.
Dollar General Shooter--Why He Did It?
More details are coming to the surface about the shooter's personal life, but why did he walk into the Family Dollar on Union Road at French in Cheektowaga and shoot off dozens of rounds?
Around 2:30 PM, 29-year-old Travis Green, walked into the Dollar General, asked for an application, somehow …
Pin Found in Halloween Candy
Police are looking for anyone else who trick-or-treated in the certain neighborhoods in Clarence and Amherst this week.
A parent found that one of her kids' Crunch Bars wrapper wasn't right and ended up finding a piece of metal in it...
Ticket For It
I'm cracking up.
Imagine driving down Transit Road with the windows nearly all the way down and you have your music cranked to the max and you are singing 'EVERYBODY DANCE NOW' at the top of your lungs.
There's nothing better while driving than seeing people be legitimately th…

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