cute kids

If this post doesn't make you "awwwwww" then you probably have no heart. Check out these two-year old triplets and their best friends... the garbage men. It started when they were babies. The truck would drive by and the driver would wave. Now, it's a full blown moment wh…
Little Girl's Laugh
There is nothing like the laughter of a child.  It can really brighten your day.  Watch as this little girl thinks her dad's story about snow is just "too punny".
Life Changing Moment
We've all been there...stepping in the poo. Wether it's our dog or someone else's we still have the same stomach churning response. But we're adults...and we have to hold it together and act like it. But really...we're all acting like this on the inside:
Ella Has Had It!
She's willing to give up being a princess if it means getting a sister. Being outnumbered 3 to 1...I get it, girl! Sometimes I feel bad that parents are posting these, but they do make smile and feel sad for her all at once. They're the bathtub photos of days gone...
Let's Just Take It
The struggle is real! You want something so badly that you'll try anything. I think when she gets older she'll appreciate that her dad wants to get another TV. Just think how clear Elsa will be on the new TV! She's got gumption, but she needs to "Let It Go...

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