Rob Wears A Robe To Work + Dale Wants In [VIDEO]
I've walked into the studio many times to see Rob doing something weird or wearing something unusual. One time he wasn't wearing a shirt because it was really hot in the studio. When I came in this morning it took me a little while to realize that something wasn't right with the shirt…
I remember it like it was yesterday... Dale's attempt at hula hooping. To this day I still think he was faking because NO ONE cab be this bad!
Dale (Tries To) Hula Hoop [VIDEO]
In one of Dale's Daily Datas this week, he taught us about the history of the hula hoop. He then informed us that he himself could not hula hoop because he had "slippery hips".
Pepsi WITH Ice!
Dale and I made a friendly wager for the Bills vs. Browns game. It wasn't so much of who we thought was going to win, just more of hometown pride.
What’s On Today’s Menu?
Dale and I were having a discussion about breakfast today.  Now Dale is the type of guy that likes to stick to the standard "tea and toast" routine that he has been doing for years.  I on the other hand change it up.