Duck Dynasty

'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Suspended
'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson became a hot topic this week following several anti-gay and offensive racial comments he made in a new GQ profile. As a result, his words have caused him to be suspended indefinitely from the TV show.
Top Halloween Costumes
It never fails. Every year, I find myself in the same position: I've known for weeks now that I was going to a Halloween party. Yet I haven't thought about what costume I'll wear (and let's be honest, people who wear costumes to Halloween parties are just more fun).
If you're…
Duck Commander Sunday
This is what I love about the show Duck Dynasty.  "We're just regular folks, trying to do right."  That's how Phil Robertson describes his family in this video about what they call "Duck Commander Sunday."
Facial Profiling
Jase Robertson, one of the stars of the hit TV series 'Duck Dynasty' was recently in New York City promoting season four of the show when he became a victim of "facial profiling".

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