Flash Mob

Betty White Celebrates Her 93rd!
Who doesn't love Betty White? Apparently, every morning on her way to the set of "Hot In Cleveland" her assistants greet her with a little hulas dance. This time the entire cast and production crew greeted her.
Christmas Cheer!
Edeka Supermarkets in Germany decided to give their customers a cool holiday surprise.  Employees of the supermarket set up 13 hidden cameras.
The stores cashiers delighted their patient shoppers with a choreographed orchestra  that beeped the holiday classic, “Jingle Bells...
Best Flash Mob
Why can't anything like this ever happen where I am? Watch what happens when this little girl decides to spend a coin on a street musician who is standing all by himself with his upright bass.
Denver Does It Right
After seeing some of the Holiday flash mob videos on YouTube, I think my goal next year might be to organize a "Buffalo" one. With all the musicians I am in contact with, it would no problem to get all the proper people in place to make this happen...
Have You Ever Seen A Christmas Flash Mob? [VIDEO]
I am sure you have seen a "flash mob". They have been popping up all over the world the past few years. There are probably hundreds of different flash mob videos on YouTube.
But, have you ever seen a Christmas Flash Mob? Bob Terray of Lancaster recently shared this video with me and…
Interesting Flash Mob Type Mp3 Experiment
By now, chances are that you've heard of the term "flash mob".  If you haven't however, it's a group of people who get together and perform a task spontaneously in what is normally a very public place.  Normally everyone in the flash mob knows what's going on.  In the case of Improv Everyw…
Flash Mob: John La Mond’s Video Of The Week [VIDEO]
Have you heard the term "Flash Mob"? A Flash Mob is when a group of people get together in a public place to perform for an unknowing audience.  The idea is to both to shock and entertain at the same time. My daughter Shelby found this video on You Tube and I wanted to sh…

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