Funny Cat Videos

Santa Cat!
Typically a cat would be the last pet on earth that would be happy wearing any type of clothing. This cat seems a bit annoyed from the wagging of his tail but also is able to rock the Santa suit his owner has put on him.
Cat Circus!
One of the funniest men on TV in my opinion is Stephen Colbert.  On his show recently he invited this cat circus to perform tricks.  Well they sort of did tricks lol.
What The ???
Cats are naturally curious, but they also scare easily. In this case, they're not aware something green and rather large behind them - a cucumber. These cats can jump!
Cat Burglar!
My cat Kiki Dee loves stuffed animals only because she likes to rip the stuffing out of them.  The cat in this video goes a bit further by grabbing the neighbor's stuffed toy tiger.
Looks to me like he's done this a few times.  He hurdles the fence with no issue LOL
Cats + Halloween
For those of us who have feline pals this is a fun video to watch.  Cat's like to get into things and knock stuff over.  Take a look at Halloween through these two furry friends eyes.  Oh and don't forget, if you have a black cat be sure to keep him safe this Halloween...