Funny Dog Videos

This Squirrel is Nuts
I have two questions after seeing this video, one - what is this dog thinking? And two - why is there a squirrel in the house?  I'll never know the answers, but it's still a funny video to watch!
Dog is Pranked
Well if I saw this laying in my kitchen I would take a second look too!  This poor dog is completely fooled by this stuffed tiger and isn't taking any chances.
She's Pacified!
Like every 8 month old puppy, this boxer needs help being calmed from all of the worlds's exciting things.  This boxer's owner has found an adorable way to calm her down.  With a baby pacifier, great idea - cuteness alert!
Problem Solver!
The dog is so happy to show off the large stick he has retrieved but has run in to a tricky situation. Watch has he finally figures out how to get to the other side of the bridge.
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