Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton To Come To Buffalo
No matter what side of the policiatl spectrum you are on this should be an interesting read. It's Hillary Clinton's new book called 'What Happened'. She will be in Buffalo doing book signings at Larkin Square on Thursday, September 28 at 12:30 PM...
Trump Inauguration
In case you missed the buzz on social media yesterday, Hillary and Bill Clinton will be attending Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20 in D.C.. It is no surprise though, as former President, George W. Bush, who didn't vote for Bush, will be in attendance as well...
NY: HIllary Crushes Trump
Hillary Clinton, as predicted, beat Donald Trump in New York State for the 29 electoral votes. New York saw the biggest gap between the two candidates--over 1.3 million votes.
Tonight, on election day, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent the day in New York, casting their ballots and now, are…
Election Results
Who is winning each state? We'll keep you update throughout the night. This is one of the closest, if not the closest election in modern times.
Who is winning the election right now?
108 Yr Old Votes
One of the oldest voters in Buffalo has casted her vote today at Canisius.
It is our right to vote as an American and this 108-year-old has not stopped exercising to vote for nearly over three quarters of a century. Mamie Kirkland was born when Teddy Roosevelt was in the office--when she finished vot…
New York Poll Numbers
This is the latest of over 30 polls done across New York State in 2016 predicting who will win the votes in New York when it comes down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Though, Donald Trump is gaining some ground, New York has two Democrats to every Republican...
Election Day Threats
The already controversial election that is nearing the end is having another red-flag, but this time, has the public worried. According to United States Homeland Security, there have been conversations involving al Qaeda terrorist attacks during the election specifically noting New Yo…
Presidential Debate Highlights
GENIUS QUESTION! It was the last question of the debate asked by a "undecided voter" in the crowd.
'Can you name one positive thing you respect in one another?'
Wow. Who knew how this was going to go--it actually went well.
Here's what they had to say:
Hillary Clinton:
Best Debate Tweets
It may have been the nastiest debate of their campaigns, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took turns jabbing at each other with comments, a little harsher than usual. In fact, it was the most tweeted about debate of all time on Twitter, so naturally, the internet had a riot with the jokes...

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