There Is A Recall On Ice in Western New York After This Discovery
If you bought some ice recently, you are not going to want to eat or put any of those in your drinks. You can get a full refund if you still have the ice. Hopefully, you are okay if you already consumed it. There is a possibility of metal shards that inside of the 7 pounds bags of ice sold at all Wegmans...
Rubber Mallet
You know how they say that no matter how bad you think you've got it, there's always someone out there who has it worse? Remember this morning when you were complaining about how you have to scrape your windows off so that you can get in your car? At least you didn't need a rubber mallet.
Pepsi WITH Ice!
Dale and I made a friendly wager for the Bills vs. Browns game. It wasn't so much of who we thought was going to win, just more of hometown pride.
Clearing The Ice
The season is over once again for the Buffalo Sabres.  The fans have left the building, the final press conference for the season has been now what do they do with the ice?
Dale’s Daily Data: How Cold Is The Ice?
The Sabres were in Montreal last night and I got to thinking about the game itself.  What’s the most important element of the game other than the players?  It’s the ice.  At the beginning of a game the ice is clean and the players call it fast...
Water Pipe Leak Creates Frozen Car-sicle [VIDEO]
New Yorker Peter Helfer had more than the usual winter woes when the combination of a leaking water pipe and frigid temperatures left his vehicle encased in a frozen block of ice. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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